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Artist Showcase #8:
Featured Art:

Showcased Art:

Other Entries:
Clever idea, really nice presentation and use of color, keep up the good work!
Really ambitious and well composed, great work!
Nice clean lines and color, cute cartoon style, good work!
Great to see you’re still being ambitious! I love the scale and sense of drama
Really great character style and poses
Really clever photo manipulations! Looks gorgeous, nice work
Great silhouette and character design, nice simplistic presentation that works well
Very nice composition, mysterious aesthetic with clean lines and color, good work!

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Artist Showcase #7:
Featured Art:

Showcased Art:

Other Entries:
Very creepy! Love the construction of the scene
Simple, cute, nice colors, could use some solidity - keep it up!
I see what you did there… Nice job! Good lines and color
Really nice shading, you’ve made a leap of improvement, very great work!
Wonderful visual style, a very fitting concept-style piece
A really cool realistic take on Mega-Man, great lighting and execution
Nice solid figure and strong pose, proportions and lines could be more solid, keep it up
Such a simple but amusing and well done piece! Love the lighting, great work

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Artist Showcase #6:
Featured Art:

Showcased Art:

Other Entries:
Really cool lighting and dragon style
Great use of really intense light and backlighting, very nice mix of warm colors to create a ‘hot’ look
Amazing painting style, this piece is so polished!
Great mix of colors and very solid character linework - nice poses too, such a dynamic image!
Great sense of action, use of color, and linework. Clever way to frame the image, keep up the good work!
Simple bue stylistically attractive drawing here, nice colors and effective simple shading, keep it up
OOOH How creepy - I love it! Great one-tone piece, the khaki green really emphasised that dark feel. Awesome.
Really cute polished characters, with a very refined portrayal and execution, great job
Great envisioning of a story concept, this character looks like he’s got a place in a well defined world.
Great work on your first digital painting! Hopefully the first of many, fantastic job, keep it up!

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Artist Showcase #5:
Featured Art:

Showcased Art:

Other Entries:
Gorgeous use of color, your color work is really astounding! Lovely use of brush strokes as always
Nice work, very smooth coloring and a very tangible looking result, keep it up
Cute and simple, nice work!
Really nice aesthetic here, and a very ethereal tone, great work
Nice use of the gradient style without linework, could use some more contrast and depth, great feel to it
Really nice linework and shading, this piece look very solid and clean!
A nice concept for a piece, some of the characters could be more solid, but the tone of the piece is great!
Great lines and color, your image compositing in particular is very strong, and a great expression!
Your shading style has improved greatly with this piece, it’s clear you’re challenging yourself! Keep it up
Very cool dark aesthetic! Really nice, the lighting nails it. Great work!
Very nice mix of detail and ambition, a little lacking in solidity in places but overall, great work!

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Artist Showcase #4:
Featured Art:

Showcased Art:

Other Entries:
Awesome use of dramatic lighting, and a great pose!
Stunning character work as always! I love your style a lot. I’d love to see an environment!
Astounding piece, lovely mix of colors, textures and photorealistic detail
lovely to see a submission that’d both traditional and 3D, nice work, thanks for sharing!
A really lovely aesthetic to this image, nice soft skin tone and neutral expression
Great earthy colors and good mixing of your warm tones, keep it up!
An interesting mix of illustration and photo/texture, well pulled off
A charming and aetherial piece, simple use of the sepia tones and very well pulled off
It’s nice to see you getting your hands dirty! Your artworks all have a very nice feel and use of color, good work!
This piece is enchanting! Very nice color contrasts, lovely tone, and captivating theme

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Artist Showcase #3:
Featured Art:

Showcased Art:

Other Entries:
Impressive art as always! I love your shading style and brush textures, fantastic!
I can see you’re making a real effort! Nice composition and color balance, keep working on your proportions, good job!
I like the style of this drawing! Cooky and original, and well presented, keep it up!
Nice work! You’re doing well and you’ve got a lovely light expression and pose here, good job
For a first piece of digital art you’re really doing well! Keep it up
Nice line work and structure, simple layout, could use a touch more color or drama, nice work!
Really great drama and foreshortening to this piece! I love his expression and the lighting, great work!
I love this! Hilarious, cool and well painted, and well composed, I love the mix of colors, fantastic!
Fantastic to see you applying yourself to learn techniques, and i’m flattered you’re using my videos, thanks!
Really nice painting! The aspect looks slightly vertically stretched, but you’ve done well, keep it up!Z
Really nice female figure and painting style, good colors too
First digital artwork? Amazing! Great sense of motion, color and proportion, keep it up!
Great piece, you’re making good progress
I love the aesthetic of this piece, haunting, stylistically striking, well executed, great work
Simple yet visually appealing, the minimalistic color use is well pulled off
I like your clean proportions and female figure, well done!
Lovely colors, a very clean and aetherial looking piece, fitting for the subject matter, keep it up!
You have your style nailed down that’s for sure, really well done and polished character work
Really cool lighting and color effects, this piece tells a dramatic story without words, good job

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Our front-page feature winner!


Jim the Birthday Boy

Eden Prologue

Sword and Fire

More entries for this months showcase!

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Artist Showcase #2:
Featured Art:

Showcased Art:

Other Entries:
Nice simple coloring and layout, thanks for entering the showcase!
Very cool and creepy! Also, SKULLS! yay!
You’ve made great progress, and this piece is really lovely, fantastic peachy color in the background
Great drama in this piece, good composition, the shading is a little lacking in places but a great effort overall
Awesome dramatic poses and layout, great sense of motion, keep it up!
Fantastic effort! Nice light expression, shading is a little flat in places but good overall
Nice work, thanks for submitting to the showcase, I like the intensity of this piece
What a strange topic! I love it haha, I used to hate fighting Tau, they kept running away from my marines :P
Lovely composition and colors and a very cute dog! Great work

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