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Artist Showcase #5:
Featured Art:

Showcased Art:

Other Entries:
Gorgeous use of color, your color work is really astounding! Lovely use of brush strokes as always
Nice work, very smooth coloring and a very tangible looking result, keep it up
Cute and simple, nice work!
Really nice aesthetic here, and a very ethereal tone, great work
Nice use of the gradient style without linework, could use some more contrast and depth, great feel to it
Really nice linework and shading, this piece look very solid and clean!
A nice concept for a piece, some of the characters could be more solid, but the tone of the piece is great!
Great lines and color, your image compositing in particular is very strong, and a great expression!
Your shading style has improved greatly with this piece, it’s clear you’re challenging yourself! Keep it up
Very cool dark aesthetic! Really nice, the lighting nails it. Great work!
Very nice mix of detail and ambition, a little lacking in solidity in places but overall, great work!

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